After months of preparation, today I leave for Nepal

Dearest friends:

Today, I am leaving Toronto and heading 11,920 km away…to Kathmandu, Nepal.

First, I want to thank you for your encouragement over the last few weeks.  This gives me additional motivation for what’s to come.

Foremost, I want you to know that I will carry very deep in my heart your heartfelt advice to remain cautious on Everest so that I can come back safely to your company.

The flight duration to Kathmandu will be 17 hours, with an additional 5 hour layover in Istanbul, Turkey.  I am set to arrive in Kathmandu early morning Monday.  The time difference between Toronto and Kathmandu is +9.45.


Already equipped with my entry visa, I intend to head to Nagarkot, WikiTravel-Nagarkot  Lonely planet – Nagarkot, 32 km of Kathmandu and on the fringe of the Kathmandu valley.

In Nagarkot, I will catch…and capture with my old faithful Nikon D-7000…. my first real sights of the Himalayas.


After gently testing my trekking legs and equipment for a few days around Nagarkot, I will make my way back to Kathmandu via Dhulikhel Lonely Planet – Dhulikhel .

'Ok, this is far enough into the wilderness. My phone just died.'

In Kathmandu, I will meet my fellow trekkers.  My trek to Everest Base Camp is set to start October 14.

Please note that you will no longer receive these emails.   To stay tuned, you have a couple of options:

You can visit my website at ManWithAltitude at your own leisure.  However,   if you would like to receive a notification when I post a blog, you must click on the “Follow” icon on my website.





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