More sights of the Himalayas

11 October 2017

You’ll recall from my last blog that I have unsuccessfully tried to reach the highest elevation in Nagarkot so I could bring you some unhindered sights of the Himalayas…

Now meet Kumar, who not only accepted to be my guide to reach that point, but also gave me so much interesting information about the people, the culture, the flora and the fauna.  

Here’s Kumar:
Together, we headed for an observation tower about a 5 km walk away from my hotel.  It was actually quite easy to find…. once you know where it is…. but required quite a bit of uphill walking.  

Now I wanted to get you a picture of Everest.  Unfortunately, we may have missed our window.   The clouds had already covered a good portion of the range.  

Well for those who know me well, you know I’ll try again.  I am set to head out at 4:00 am tomorrow in the hope that I will capture it.  

However, i am proud to share views of Mt. Annapurna below

You may know that when I am done with my trek to Everest Base Camp, I will be heading to a town called Pokhara, a day drive from Kathmandu and which is located just behind that mountain.   I will then be very close to it.  

Here’s another one.  Can you tell what it is? A clue…. a bit to the East of Annapurna….

It turns out Kumar knew everyone we encountered along the way.  

This one was too young to say Namaste to me…..

I realized after taking the picture that her mother was close by …. and felt bad for a moment…. however it turned out she was quite proud I did this….

Kumar explained to me that the inhabitants have learned from the earthquake.  They are now using cement to solidify their houses.  

As I walked through the villages on my way back and observed how they go about their daily lives, I gained even more respect for the Nepalis of this area.  

I gained respect for the young women to be who walk countless hours from their villages so that they can attend college…. and there’s no flat walking here…. it’s steep up and steep down all the time.  

I gained respect for the teenagers who help their parents running their businesses when on holiday from school.  No wasted time playing video games around here….

I gained respect for the parents who work hard every day so that they can nourish their families and send their children to school.  Education is not free here. 

The beginning of my trek to Everest Base Camp is quickly approaching.  

Tomorrow, after another attempt to capture   My first sight of Everest from here, I will walk to Dhulikhel.  It’s a days walk for me…. although most people would probably drive.   But what would be the fun in that?

I will then head to Kathmandu, relax, conserve my energy, load up on good nourishment… and massage those legs of mine who are not used to… well what everybody else in Nagarkot do every day… walk steeply up and down….

I am planning to reconnect with you when I leave for Everest Base Camp. 

Thank you for your encouragement. 


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