Now it’s for real – EBC Trek – Day 1 of 14 – Briefing Day

14 October 2017.  

Kathmandu.  Today, I met with my fellow trekkers.

My group is made up of 6 Australians, 2 British, 1 Irish and I am the sole Canadian. 

Meet my group:

Weather permitting…and the forecast looks good….tomorrow morning at 0500 we will fly from Kathmandu International Airport to Lukla (dubbed the world’s most dangerous airport to fly in and out of (Here’s what I expect).  

Nothing to be too worried about.  I’ve been in much smaller planes before. 

If the weather does not cooperate and our commercial flight for Lukla airport is cancelled, plan B….really my preference….is to charter an helicopter to Lukla….way too cool….

Lukla is where we will meet our guides and porters and start our trek towards Everest Base Camp.

As I do not know how often I will be able to update you on the mountain, here’s a short movie I particularly liked ( EBC Trek ) as it helped me visualize myself at Everest Base Camp. 

The movie is a good summary of the complete journey, starting in Lukla then on to Phakding , Namche Bazaar , Tengboche , Dingboche , Lobuche , Gorak Shep and then finally the base camp of Mount Everest.

I noticed that uploading pictures on my site using cell data has not worked so far.  I hope I’ll be able to use wifi on Everest and continue to do so.  If not the pictures will follow as soon as feasible. 

I share with you a few words of advice I received 

  • Give the yaks right of way.  Consequence if not…they might knock me out of their way.  Not desirable especially if I’m on a bridge
  • Ibuprofen….which i intend to take….has also proven to be as effective to prevent altitude sickness as Diamox… which I do not intend to take
  • Drink at least 5 litres of water every day while trekking.  Use iodine pills to purify source water.  Alternatively buy bottle water or use boiled water. Plain water will make me sick
  • Bring toilet paper and hand sanitizer.   Toilets on the trek vary a lot in quality. My expectations are low
  • Main concern is to remain warm.  Showers…. which are cold… are a second consideration.  Gross I know.  And I personally believe that cleanliness is just as equally a paramount consideration…. so guess what…I’ll do what works for me
  • Bring nutrition bars/snacks as they are lacking on the trail. I haven’t found any.  I loaded up on cashews… a healthier and fat rich alternative 

For Mia and Liam…..Here are some really cool facts about the “sherpas”:

  • Sherpa is the name of a people.  They mostly live in Western Nepal.  They migrated from Tibet (now a part of China) over the last several hundred years
  • Sherpa is also used as their last name
  • Usually, their first name is the day of the week they were born
    • Nyama = Sunday
    • Dawa = Monday
    • Mingma = Tuesday
    • Lhakpa = Wednesday
    • Phurba = Thursday
    • Pasang = Friday
    • Pemba = Saturday
  •  Sherpas help hikers and climbers by carrying their equipment, tents, food, etc…..a very hard job
  • Sherpas do this to support their families just like we go to work to support ours
  • Sherpas can get sick from the altitude like anyone.  However, they are more adapted to the lack of oxygen than we are

If you were sherpas, what would be your name?



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