EBC Trek – Day 6 of 14 – Thyangboche to Dingboche

19 October 2017

Today, we left Thyangboche behind and headed for Dingboche.  

The gain in elevation was much more gradual than the last few days. 

I welcomed this as my energy level is low.  I’ve been fighting a stomach bug for two days and have not been able to retain any food since then. 

Good news.  My Symptoms of altitude sickness are mild and manageable.  

Some facts about today’s trek:

  • Distance covered: 10.8 km
  • Time: 6hrs
  • Starting elevation: 12,697 ft / 3,870 m 
  • Ending elevation: 14,469 ft / 4,410 m
  • Starting oxygen: 64% of sea level 
  • Ending oxygen: 59% of sea level

I had made a small video to give you an idea of​ the fantastic scenery I witnessed as I went. 

Tomorrow is an acclimatization day.   We will hike up in elevation and come back to Dingboche for the night…. before we carry on.  


3 thoughts on “EBC Trek – Day 6 of 14 – Thyangboche to Dingboche

  1. Edmond

    Following your blog is a great pleasure!
    Prayed for a speedy recovery from the stomach bug and altitude sickness, and for stamina for your trekking!


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