EBC Trek – Day 7 of 14 – Acclimitization day – Dingboche

20 October 2017.  

Today was an acclimatization day.  We hiked up to 4,700 m then came back down to Dingboche where we will overnight. 

During out trek, we saw stunning views of Island Peak, Lhotse, Ama Dablam, and the fluted ice walls flanking the Amphu Lapcha pass.   These views are one of the highlights of the entire trek so far. 

Here’s a short clip

Special thanks to Marya…my favorite nurse-friend from back home.  

I took your advice to deal with my diarrhea and remain hydrated very seriously. 

I modified your advice to use my camelback as some kind of an IV as we’re heading into sub zero temperatures and my mouth piece would just freeze over… not allowing to draw liquid.  I thought of adding vodka as some kind of antifreeze… but thought you would not approve.  

Notwithstanding, I was able to get 2.5 litres of that special concoction of water, sugar and salt everyday…. and I’ve never been so hydrated since the beginning of the trek. 

Other Good news.  I think the diarrhea is over.  My appetite is back.  The timing is good as it will only get more challenging over the next few days.  I hope I’ll gain back the pounds I lost over the last three days.  Even my team members expressed genuine concern. 

I was able to conserve the little energy I had though.  Went into my sleeping bag as soon as I could to stay warm…. it’s pretty cold here…. even the rooms we sleep in….went to sleep soon after dinner, did not join in yesterday’s fun evening…. although I intend to join tonight’s.  

Heading to Lobuche tomorrow. 

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