Chitwan National Park, Nepal

In Chitwan, we went on walking safaris….. boat safaris…..and Land Rover safaris…. all unique experiences….

On our walking safaris, we were accompanied by elephants…..whose job was to keep us safe….don’t mess with that one….

….. and saw one-horn rhinoceros lying in mud flats to stay cool 

During our boat safaris, we saw some gharial crocodiles

During our Land Rover safaris….we saw many mammals…..

This family of elephants…

Monkeys…. rarely still to allow for picture taking

Although that one took over an uninhabited house and would not be scared away

More one-horn rhinos, including this mother and her 2 years old

Many different sorts of deers

Wild hogs

Over 125 types of birds

As for the elusive tigers….. 125 of them in the park….a 2% chance of sighting… luck this time….

Chitwan is south of Nepal bordering India.   And yet We could still see tha Annapurna range from here

The sunsets were amazing

Next: white water rafting the Bhote Kosi river (sourced in Tibet) and a few days around Kathmandu…..


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