Namaste Nepal

I came to Nepal for the mountains, the wildlife and fun adventures.  

Along the way, I discovered a beautiful people.  

A people kind in heart…. not only to the rupeees paying tourists, but most importantly to their fellow countrymen. 

I noticed this over and over again… from the harsh environment of the mountains to the gentle and much more fertile environment of the Chitwan.  

A very recent example sticks to my mind.  

On our way back from rafting, there was a fatality on the road far ahead.  We learned that the traffic had already been stopped for hours, waiting for the police to arrive on the scene.  

Our driver decided to take a back road….a narrow and steep dirt road hugging cliffs on both sides.   A near spinal injury causing condition type of road ….just wide enough to fit the width of a Jeep plus a quarter of another Jeep.  

Soon, we encountered other vehicles ( buses, cargo trucks, etc) heading in the opposite direction… not to mention the predictable vehicle breakdowns blocking all further movement.   

This required some cooperation.   Somebody had to back up.  

Imagine backing up dangerously close to cliffs and trying to find an area wide enough to allow for the other vehicle ( typically a bus or cargo truck) to carry on

Being a Westerner, I expected tempers to flare….perhaps even bullies forcing their way ahead of every one else through intimidation.   

Instead, I saw amazing cooperative work…. laughter….re-positioning…and more laughter.  

No road rage like we see at home for much much less stressful situations.   

What a beautiful people.  

I explained to a Nepali woman that CAnada has had its share of conflicts between English and French. 

Her laughter was precious.  

120 languages are spoken in Nepal.   Countless religious beliefs are there to be found.  

And yet,…mutual respect appears to be the normal response to such differences.   

I have much to learn from my Nepali brothers and sisters.  

It is with mixed emotions that I am leaving Nepal soon to be reunited with our dear friends in Dubai. 


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