Dubai, UAE

Sherri and i left Nepal and its many natural wonders behind…..for a world of man made wonders.  

Welcome to Dubai. 

In Dubai, it is now Winter.  The temperature was sunny with no clouds and a steady 32c.  This was therapeutic to my bones…. and a relief to locals as it was 50c not so long ago.  

During our stay, we lived a stone throw from the Dubai Marina…..

….and just a 5 minutes walk from the beach.  …with all iTs beautiful boutiques, walkways and restaurants.  FYI, I gained the weight I had lost on Everest…and some more….

On our first night, we were treated to views of Dubai from the 148th floor of the Burj (tower) Khalifa….the tallest man made structure in the world.  

This is the Burj…..

….some views from above….

…. and views of the dancing fountains from the comfort of a nice Arabic restaurant.  I will have to show you videos when I’m back in Canada. 

So many beautiful creations.  Look at this cool highway…. supported by trees….

….no worries….the support is reinforced concrete….with a tree appearance for the show. 

​The Dubai Mall was AMAZINGGG….over 120 stores….also comes with an Olympic size skating rink….and so many other nice features.  

However, we did shopping “old Dubai” style ie in its souks (markets)…textile, gold, etc.    My favorite was the spice souk…

On Day 3…..and we had already seen and done soooo many other things ….we toured the old Dubai, financial district and beaches areas….we went for dune buggy rides in the desert… just an hour away from the city 

We then embarked 4 x 4s, deflated our tires to 15psi and headed for some dune bashing…. not got the faint of heart

We went for a camel ride

After sunrise on day 4…

…we headed for a desert safari….and saw Arabian gazelles…..

…. oryx

….and a falcon…although the picture of that one was from a falcon show

Signing off for now… we can enjoy the company of our Dubai friends to the max….

Might as well mix with the locals…and join them in my new Ferrari….

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