Istanbul, Turkey

During our very short stay in Istanbul, Sherri and I stayed in the old Part of the city….here….

From our hotel, we had a view to the Gulhane Park

Where we also saw those Alexandrine Parakeets.  They were having an argument.  Married for a few years, maybe?

We visited the Hagia Sophia, formerly a church….then a mosque… now a museum 

And visited the Topkapi palace… now also a museum.  Being Sultan Mehmet II came with huge responsibilities.  Among so many other things, he maintained a harem of more than 300 concubines.  

On our second day, we left the European side of Istanbul and took a ferry to the Asian side.   Cool huh?

There, I would recommend a meal at the Ciya (pronounced chia). 

Don’t be fooled by the emptiness.   This is a must go to place for the Turks and tourists.  

Tonight, we treated ourselves to an authentic Turkish dinner…a testi kebap….lamb baked in a sealed clay jar….and served in a flamboyant manner…

Tomorrow, we leave for home.  All good things must come to an end.  


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